Are you investing in yourself and in your family?

A family is the place where you have the right of belonging—simply through your birth right.


The most important assets a family has are the family members, the human capital. Nothing is more important than the people—the men, women, and children that form a family.


The most important human capital investment a person can make is to invest in her or himself. Your greatest asset is yourself.


The second greatest human capital investment a person can make is in family relationships, both the members you have blood bonds with and the members with whom you share bonds of affinity.


“Through my years of serving families as a family-focused psychologist and a family behavioral strategist, I’ve come to the several conclusions about ways to relate to family members,” says Ilze Alberts, newly-published author. In her book Passing the Torch, she writes that you can build powerful and strong family relationships in the following ways:


1.       Understand how to make relationships work and apply human behavioral skills.


2.       Remember that judgment and criticism are unwise.


3.       Keep on studying how to build strong family relationships for lasting generations.


Says Ilze, “Building strong and caring relationships takes time, effort, energy, wisdom, and love. It does not happen by itself; it follows a burning desire to have a great, strong, and caring family with strong relationships. Hold this as the vision for your family and expect nothing else but this for your family.”


Is it your wish to invest in yourself and your family?


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