Are you mentally empowered?

We all have a choice of how to use the power of our mind.


We can either use our mind carelessly and without much thought, which most likely will make us behave like a fool. Or we can use our mind with care and tap into the mental genius, or leadership, that’s available to all who strive for it.


Ilze Alberts, psychologist, life strategist and author, utters these wise words in her book Passing the Torch


“I firmly believe that the more we educate ourselves about the power of our minds, the more we can tap into that power.”


She describes a mentally-empowered person as:


·         Someone who sees every person they meet as a mirror of themselves. Whatever you see in another person, you have it in yourself, whether you see it or not.

·         Humble. An attitude of humility will take a person much further because you open yourself up to being teachable, to learning from other people and tapping into the wisdom of people you consider role models and examples of you.

·         Self-reliant and independent. When you embody these characteristics, you have the ability and freedom to live your authentic life, with dedicated action steps toward your dream or goals.

·         A person who is emotionally intelligent and has insight into human behaviour. You don’t need to become a psychologist to understand human behaviour. Anyone can study it and develop a basic understanding of why people act and react the way they do.

·         Someone who has a desire to read and learn. Mentally-empowered people fill their minds with knowledge and information.


“I always advise my client to use affirmations, or words of power, to unlock their mental genius. Our words have power and can sentence us to life or death.


“Remember, you plant the mental seeds. Your generational impact is the soothing shade under which those following you can sit.”


Are you ready to use the power of your mind to create your future? But do you battle to get rid of negative thinking and old beliefs?


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