Have you been called to pass the social torch?

Every person is a leader in the areas of what he or she considers to be of highest importance, priority, and value.


If you’re a family member of the second, third, or fourth generation or beyond and you have chosen to be the next person to take leadership and custody of the family’s philanthropic cause, put the stamp of your vision and mission on it.


For it to continue to grow like a snowball in terms of its influence and impact on mankind, you will be wise to consider the points listed below, but, most of all, make it the authentic expression of your vision and mission.


If you merely take over the dreams, vision, and mission of your predecessors, you will lose momentum and focus.


You are not called to take over.


You are called to create more and bigger with what was passed to you.


·         Learn from the successes and failures of your predecessors, but mostly learn from your own.

·         Put your own thumbprint on the family’s philanthropic cause. It is now your creation.

·         Honor what was done before you and honor what you’re adding and expanding.

·         Surround yourself with like-minded people you can brainstorm with and to whom you can delegate responsibility.

·         Remember the visionary—who is now you—needs people to help him or her execute and grow the philanthropic cause for altruistic and equally narcissistic reasons. The goal is as much to give you a meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and inspiration as it is to give meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and inspiration to the philanthropic accomplishments.

·         Make it your act of love and an act of service—marked by your unique expression of transformative service and uplifting energy—that becomes a physical expression to benefit those less privileged than you.


Every person has great self-worth and self-esteem; it might just be hidden a bit—or a lot.


If you have moments of self-doubt and you are uncertain about your ability to make an impact and have social influence, let me help you.


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