Second marriage? How to deal with the children

If you want to create wealth for your family and extended family, you know how to treat your partner’s children.

Here are a few tips on how to handle this potentially thorny issue lovingly and constructively:


·         Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and look at your actions and responses toward your partner’s children. Does your partner look at you and feel loved and cared for in the way you treat these children, or does your partner look at you and feel resentment and disappointment in the way you treat the children?

·         Remember, you are the adult, and you are not in competition with the children. An adult’s love for another adult is completely different from an adult’s love for a child.

·         Work on becoming friends with the children. They already have parents and you cannot replace them.

·         If you discipline the children without having a relationship with them, they will resent you and reject you. Try to leave the discipline to the biological parent and refrain from being the wise parent who knows everything.

·         Curb your jealousy when your partner gives his or her children attention. Be realistic. Your partner’s interest and love for you is separate from the interest and love expressed to the children.

·         Allow your partner time with his or her children. They might not see each other on a daily basis (depending on custody rights).

·         Allow your partner to parent the children in their own way; give your advice caringly and realistically.

·         Acknowledge that your partner feels guilty toward his children for many reasons.


Do you battle to build a relationship with your stepchildren?


Then ask yourself the following question: Is this relationship important enough for me to put in the effort to integrate the children into my life—for a lifetime? If the answer is yes, then put in the effort.


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