The 8 secrets to a successful marriage

All marriages have their ups and downs.

When you’re in a good period in your marriage, you usually think it’s great to be married and you feel you’re one of the lucky ones who will “live happily ever after.” If you are in a bad spell in your marriage, you easily feel your life is a nightmare and you wish you could change your partner. Most people wish to be married and certainly wish for a happy and successful marriage.


Here are the 8 key guidelines I believe lead to a successful marriage.


1.       Love Your Partner for Who He or She Is: Everybody wants to be loved for who they are and nobody wants to be criticized for who they are.


2.       Plant Flowers in Your Mind about Your Partner:Your mind is a powerful tool you can use, but an ungoverned mind becomes a weapon of destruction.


3.       Understand What Drives Your Partner:Opposites attract, and what drives your partner will most likely be something that does not really drive you.


4.       Be Best Friends and Have Each Other’s Back: There is nobody you like as much as your partner; otherwise, you wouldn’t have chosen to marry and create a life together.


5.       Develop a Healthy Intimate Life:Intimacy is the cement of a relationship—as long as it’s seen only as one important part, rather than the only important part.


6.       Create Surprises and Fight Complacency:If you know what your partner likes, surprise them unexpectedly with a love gift, even if it’s only a favorite chocolate.


7.       Have Realistic Expectations:Know your partner, love your partner, and appreciate your partner.


8.       Do Life Together:Do things together and separately, give each other special and focused time and keep some time for yourself and your interest and priorities.


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