Want to have an impact? Organise a family retreat

Family retreats are some of the most important building blocks for your powerful family for generational impact. Relationships are strengthened and rekindled, inspiration is enhanced, and new insights and action plans are ignited.


Imagine your family in this setting: It’s a beautiful summer day and cars are busy arriving at the family estate. As every car comes to a stop, adults and children spill out. Excitement is in the air. Big hugs and smiles electrify the day.


This is your family, all arriving for the annual family retreat—the highlight of the family calendar and not to be missed by anyone. Everyone knew the date of the annual family retreat weekend a year in advance, and it was marked on everyone’s calendar as high priority.


Love is in the air

The atmosphere is one of love, acceptance, and anticipation.


The annual family retreats are an important ingredient in the well-being of the family as a whole.


This is the time when the family governance is revisited, the family stories are told and remembered, the family vision and mission is remembered and linked to everyone’s personal vision and mission, the family balance sheet is updated, and philanthropic outreach is expanded.


The meeting is inspiring and meaningful because everyone is reminded of the significant role they play in building this powerful family and how the sum is possible only because of the many parts.


The human capital, mental capital, and financial capital of the family are revisited, the family balance sheet is revisited and updated, and plans and action steps for the following year are decided.


Are you thinking of planning a family retreat for your powerful family?


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