What’s missing in your life?

We all have unfulfilled wishes and dreams. Some of us take action because the void becomes unbearable. And some of us don’t because perhaps we don’t believe we deserve to be happy or healthy or wealthy or we just don’t know where to start.


In her book Passing the Torch, recently published in the USA, Ilze Alberts writes that when individuals become truly frustrated with their circumstances and they know life can be better, creative forces enter the mind and innovation is born.


Says Ilze, “It’s the perception of emptiness, or a void, that becomes the driving force for a person to take some action or perform some service and gives it priority and importance. Without a perception of the void—the feeling that something is missing—people often will lack drive.


“From birth, our inabilities and discontentment assist us in our milestones. For a baby, the frustration of being immobile creates the desire for movement. For a young child, the frustration of not being comprehended creates the mastery of language. Whatever you perceive is missing in your life, you wish to have.”


Ilze gives the following examples of voids that get people to act:

·         Illness:When a person is sick and has ill health or injuries, health and physical

vitality become a priority of high value.

·         Knowledge: When a person perceives himself or herself to be dumb or ill informed, mental empowerment becomes a high value.

·         Loneliness: The man or woman with a perception of social isolation desires friendships and social networks.

·         Children: The person without a family or a couple without children often develop the desire for a family and having a family becomes a high priority.

·         Purpose: People without a vision and a life purpose seek meaning in their lives. When it’s time to choose a career or a vocation, the search for service and finding a vocational purpose becomes of high importance.

·         Poverty: The search for money and the absence of money can become a strong driving force and a high priority for the man or woman who perceive lack of wealth as creating pain, suffering, challenges, and feeling unsuccessful.


Says Ilze, “Whatever you perceive is most missing in your life becomes that one thing you seek. Whatever you’re seeking, you’re willing to spend your time on it without hesitation, and nobody has to remind you to attend to it. You’re thinking about it a lot and it dominates your thoughts.


“What becomes important to you, you wish to read about and learn about, and you have a hunger for knowledge about that topic. Anything you’re curious about and desire to know more about will prompt you to put in the time, energy, focus, and dedication to learn about

it,” Ilze concludes.


What will make you act to get what you most desire?


Are you willing to do the work to fill your void?


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