You are not exempt from universal laws

Universal laws govern everything in the universe. They apply to man, nature, and beast.

Irrespective of your intelligence, your bank account, your health, your influence, or your life purpose, you’re falling under the same universal rules as everyone else.


Ilze Alberts, psychologist, life strategist, and author writes in her new book Passing the Torch , “People who go through life without acknowledging universal laws or applying universal principles are people who journey through life blindfolded and cut off from the beautiful song of life itself.”


Says Ilze, “The moral of the story is everything has opposites; otherwise, we would not know that it exists. Everything has duality; everything has one side and an opposite side. Without duality we would not know, experience, or even exist! For example, pain and pleasure, losses and gains, and happiness and sadness.”


Human experience is governed by, amongst other, these principles:


·         Everything that happens to you is a balanced event, no matter whether it’s pleasurable or painful.

·         Every experience and every event has both positive and negative sides equally.

·         You are never without anything. It just might not exist in the form you wish.

·         For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s third law).


“When you understand the laws of the universe, you become the master of your destiny and not the victim of your history. By doing this, you take off your blindfold and see the beauty of your life.”


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