High net worth families often experience complicated dynamics in their families, due to various stressors and strains life brings.



I assist high net worth families with:

Acquiring the most appropriate mindset and behavioural strategies to enable the family to be an inspired, fulfilled and prosperous family in relatonships and personal empowerment.

Building a family with dynamic and balanced relationships based on a foundaton of challenge and support and an interest in unlocking the best in each individual family member. An empowered and inspiring family has the best road map to become a family of impact and power, for generatons to come.


This is a family who has the best human behaviour strategies and financial strategies to grow and maintain the family wealth for multigeneratons by breaking the shirtsleeve-to-shirtsleeve cycle. I help all families to clear blockages that prevent them from creating wealth.



Here are three examples:

• A 70-year-old wealth creator acquired my assistance with his relatonship with his grown-up children. According to him, they use him as a bank and he realised he has disempowered them by just giving them money without any accountability. I designed an interventon roadmap to shift his challenges by helping him to have clarity of his vision and legacy he wishes to leave. My team and I worked with the family members to establish accountability, dignity and respect among the family members.

• A 43-year-old woman asked me for help with her guilt and subordination as a so-called “trust-fund-child”. She attracted financially disempowered men into her life. I developed a roadmap for her to dissolve her guilt and subordination and own her own power. Her vision for her life and children took on a new form and she took hands with her parents in their vision for posterity.

• A highly successful businesswoman was taken to court by her son for unfair financial treatment and the family dynamics suffered due to the challenges in the family. I designed a roadmap of interventions for the complicated family dynamics and my team and I worked with each family member separately to shift lopsided perceptions and restoration in the family. This family shifted from a dis-empowered to a fulfilled and prosperous family in a relatively short period of time. I help financial, trust, wealth or family advisors or families themselves, needing assistance with any emotional, behavioural or relationship blockages that are preventing wealth creation.