“Un-breaking the Cycle” is a 60 minute presentation presented by Ilze Alberts. In this newly launched presentation she focuses on the following:
There’s an idiom that says ‘shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.’ You may think the ability to build wealth is genetic but, globally only 3 percent of family-built businesses will ever reach, or move past, the third generation.
This means that every year millions of hours of hard work, and billions of dollars are simply being allowed to fade away. What a waste… This is not because our children don’t have the ability, or the opportunities but, most often because they lack the right mind-set.
As a wealth psychologist, a businesswoman and a mother, I wanted to scrutinise all the psychological facets that will empower our children to build on the foundations we create: the mind-set of success. So, I put it all down on paper, for my own children, and for families like mine, so we can ensure our kids have the right tools to develop – not destroy – what we have given to them.
In “Un-breaking the Cycle” I give practical advice to wealth creators. Like how to reignite ambition in next generations. How to build strong family missions and values. How to maximise on the unique talents of every member of the family. How to create the next generation of ‘Wealth Creator Extraordinaires.’
This presentation, based on the book I have written and published by Wiley Bloomberg “Passing the Torch:Preserving Family Wealth Beyond the Third Generation” is the culmination of decades of experience with families who are now growing that 3 percent of success. Family wealth specialists James Hughes and human behaviour specialist, Dr John Demartini weigh in with their own experiences, too.
In this presentation I summarise the most applicable lessons that I have learnt – and that I teach  daily – how families can invest in not only their financial capital but also in their human capital to build multi-generational families with inspiring, fulfilled, purposeful family members.

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